Relationship Counselling

Working with couples for a better connection.

Our relationship counsellors have an average of over 20 years experience counselling couples in need.

Often, couples get stuck in a rut because of unresolved conflict or bad communication patterns. Counselling enables the couple to work through these issues in a safe and contained environment and with the aid of a professional moderator. Couples therapy is a place where you can both be heard, where you both listen, where you both learn. It teaches and reinforces good communication skills, revitalises relationship intimacy and encourages a renewed sense of mutual respect.

Relationship Issues We Work With

    • constant or regular arguments
    • lack of communication
    • differences in desire for sex (or libido)
    • lack of intimacy, both physical and emotional
    • trust issues including dealing with the aftermath of an affair
    • relationship change due to the birth of a baby
    • blended family issues
    • cultural or religious differences
    • issues with addictions to drugs & alcohol or other mental health issues
    • specific dilemmas or unresolved conflict, for e.g.¬†whether or not to have a baby.

    Our couples counsellors are able to assist with all of these concerns. And due to their substantial experience and training, they are also accustomed to dealing with unique scenarios that might present during a session.

    Our psychologists are available Monday through to Saturday, from 9am to as late as 9pm. Contact our office today to see how our relationship therapy service can help you.